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SuperDisk 4000 Deluxe Edition (version 1.0) CD-Rom Package
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SuperDisk 4000 Deluxe Edition
(version 1.0)
CD-Rom Package

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So, you ask, what is in our SuperDisk 4000 Deluxe Edition (Version 1.0) CD-Rom Package

Well, you asked for it... and we delivered! You will find below a random sample of what is included on The SuperDisk 4000 Deluxe Edition (Version 1.0) CD-Rom Package. We have given a brief description to most of our manual/report packages as well as our software, and mailing list packages. Everything and more, contained within these web pages is included within The SuperDisk 4000 Deluxe Edition (Version 1.0) CD-Rom Package. One SUPER LOW PRICE buys you all this and much, much more. (Click on the links below or just scroll down the page for details)


Manuals & Reports

Email Package

Postal Mailing List Package


Free Internet Access

Extra Bonus


Manuals & Reports

There are over 30,000 manuals and reports within this section. It alone totals over 375Mb in size with over 19,000 individual files contained.

1,000 Reports Package (1005 files):

10 New Guides (10 files): 1,000 Business Ideas (2 files): 13 Books (13 files): 144 Reports (144 files): 177 Reports (1 file): 180 Reports Disk (19 files): 199 Reports (198 files): 200 Reports (78 files): Brandel’s 21 Report Info Software (38 files): 3 Valuable Directories (3 files): 31 Reports (38 files): 45 Reports (45 files): 470 Titles (477 files): 5 Major New Titles (20 files): 50 Reports (50 files): 520 Reports (14 files): 53 Reports (55 files): 5599 Special Offshore Report (8 files): 80 Manuals (88 files): 850 Titles (855 files): The Adam Starchild Collection (281 files): The Almanac (18 files): Avril Harpers Latest Manuals (26 files): Bonus Manuals (25 files): Brad Richdale’s 16 Free Books (16 files): Build Your Own Computer (1 file): Confidential Links (15 files): New Credit Report (19 files): Credit Repair Report (2 files): Credit Secrets (2 files): Di$knet Magazine (5 files): Extra Manuals and Reports (25 files): Financial Secrets (45 files): Great Guides (2 files): InfoBoss (96 files): InfoBroker (409 files): InfoDisk (2 files): Information Central (280 files): Instant Publisher CD (767 files): Instant Publishing Package (1,790 files): Internet Reports Package (2,293 files): Internet Marketing Warriors (162 files): Limited Company Information (66 files): Mail Order & Advertising Guide (5 files): Mail Order & MLM Disk (52 files): Making Money From One Page Reports (1 file): Making Money With Your Computer (69 files): Original Manuals Collection (96 files): New Reports (47 files): Oriental Trade Directory (6 files): Recipes (26 files): Reports in HTML (710 files): Reprint Rights CD (734 files): Resell Reports (984 files): Secrets Package (10 files): Sell Info By Mail (13 files): Strictly Adults Only Romance How-To (5 files): The Contest Winner How-To(43 files): The Complete Home Business Guide (6 files): The Wizards Brainwaves (1 file): USA Report Package (1,986 files): Your Own Import-Export Business (1 file):

Email Package



Direct Email Course –How to Stop spammers. What is spamming and what you can do and should not do. Learn what to look for and how to prevent it from happening to you! Covers subjects such as: Legal and Political Issues, How Direct Email Works and why SPAMMING does NOT WORK! Anti-Spammers versus Direct Emailers, The Email Address Lists and web sites of spammers, The Direct Email Software, Headers, Stealth Cloaking, Relay Servers, Friendly ISP’s, Web Sites, and much more. Learn and read so YOU can protect yourself.


List Manager – Simple but fast email address list management software.



Postal Mailing List Package

Over the past 3 years we have bought, traded and compiled an amazing package of Postal Mailing Lists. From all over the World we have lists of Business Opportunity Seekers, Network Marketers and Publishers. With over 35,000 addresses within the package, this is the ideal package for anyone considering becoming a mailing list broker.


5,000 UK Business Opportunity Seekers

5,000 International MLM’ers

6,000 International MLM’ers

7,000 International Manual & Book Buyers

1,500 Catalogue Requests

1,500 Part Work Publishers

900 Computer Users

10,000 Business Opportunity Seekers


We have specially collected a range of different full version and shareware software packages for The SuperDisk 4000 Deluxe Edition (Version 1.0) CD-Rom Package. The packages below have been obtained to benefit anyone considering Home & Internet Publishing.
Checker & Checkman – Software sold with many publishing packages online. Allows you to print cheques by fax, phone and email.

QuickZip – Allows you to zip and un-zip your files. Essential with some of the files contained within this CD-ROM.

Rnameit – Rename files simply and quickly.

Txtpad32 – Alternative to Notepad and Wordpad.

BannerPost – Quick and reliable submission software which will send your banner to over 600 Bulletin Boards online.

QuickPost – Quick and reliable submission software which will promote your advertisement or message to over 1,000 Bulletin Boards online.

Y2K – Check your PC still works after the Year 2000.

Credit~1 – If you accept credit cards, this nifty program will tell you if they are valid or fake.

LMD – A very good newsletter distribution software.

WS-FTP95 – Essential FTP program if you upload pages and graphics to your web sites.

99 & Bbb – Automatic submission of your advertisement to 100 Classified Ad Sites and 150 Bulletin Boards online.

Cybcash – Promote your site on over 200,000 Sites Online.

Portfolio – The Original Complete Internet Marketing Portfolio NetBusiness International first published back in 1997.

Warriors, Magic Story & Magic Letters – Want to benefit from the best Internet Marketing site online? These three programs link you to their site directly.

Scientific Advertising – The only essential program when starting out marketing your business. YOU MUST READ THIS!!!

MLM Software (3 evaluation + 1 full version) - If you are considering setting up your own Network Marketing program, these four programs will help you decide how to go about it.

Fortune E-Book Creator – We had this amazingly innovative program designed for us in 1993, its yours to play with.

Moonlighter, PC Pay, Small Business Advisor – Software designed to help you start a small business.

115 Program Shareware Business – Considered starting your own shareware library, we have 115 great programs to get you started.

Your own BBS Business – Want to offer your wares to the world, this software package will show you how to set up your own BBS. All you need is this software, a computer and a modem, then away you go.

300+ CGI Scripts – This extensive library of CGI scripts will allow you to create an interactive and benefit packed web-site. From Messageboards, Classified Ad Sites to Password Protection and Form Mail scripts are contained within this package.

250+ Java Scripts – Another extensive library, this time including Java scripts, which will allow your site to become an interactive masterpiece.

3S Accounting Software – This amazing software will allow you to keep track of your finances and your business transactions. Its even better than the expensive commercial packages.

Aesop Award Submitter – Will submit your site to several awards sites online.

Addace – Will submit a site to several search engines online.

Agent Web Ranking – Finds your sites search engine ranking.

AOLPress – The best and easiest to use HTML web site designer available online.

Free Call Center – An advanced telephone, fax, voicemail program which can improve your business efficiency.

CyberContact Lite – Internet contact & information manager.

Contact Master – Another contact & information manager.

Copernic 2000 – An amazing search program will allow you to search hundreds of databases for what you want to see.
Currency Converter – Will convert a variety of currencies.

Cyberkit – Check your Internet connection & traceroute to your web site.

SS Picture Dicer – Speeds up image loading on web sites.

Expresso – Another great HTML web site design program.

Ulead Gif Animator Lite – Amazing web graphics software.

Gimp – An amazing full version Graphic design program.

Gozilla – Download files from the Internet safely.

HJSplit – Splits your large files into smaller ones.

Internet Logger – Records your time on the Internet. Never be caught with a huge telephone bill again.

InfoLink 1.6 Link Checker – Checks your web sites links.

InterFax – Send faxes world-wide free, using the power of the Internet.

Internet Trader – A great real-time stock tracking program.

Meta Setup – Helps you set up your web sites Meta Tags.

NeoPlanet Browser – A fast reliable Browser interface.

Page Submit – Submits your site to several search engines online.

Pegasus Mail – The web’s best Internet POP3 email program. Supports multiple POP3 accounts, and much more.

Web Wizards – Can create web sites in a few minutes.

Analog X Whois Ultra – finds registered/unregistered domains.

And many more...

Free Internet Access

As we want all purchasers of The SuperDisk 4000 Deluxe Edition (Version 1.0) CD-Rom Package to get online and start their businesses, we provide the software required for FREE Internet access at local call rates with the UK’s only Business ISP dedicated to small entrepreneurs, mail order dealers and MLM’ers.

Extra Bonus

As an added bonus, we provide essential graphics, clip-art, truetype fonts, Sample Business Letters, and more!

549 Sample Business Letters – Covers business topics such as Accounting, General Business, Employment, Legal, Ordering and Sales.

2,526 Clip-Art & Graphics – A huge package containing Black and White and Colour Clip Art and Graphics for your brochures, web sites, and more.

100 True-Type Fonts – Why settle with Times New Roman, Arial and Verdana. This fascinating little collection will improve your next mailshot.

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